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Burnoff Table

Burnoff TableBEC Model 2-30 (BOT)
Burnoff Table 2 – 30” Capacity
The BEC Burnoff Table accommodates 2 through 30” pipe. It features variable speed rotation with hydraulic actuated roller lift. The table is coupled with a rack system for torch mount that is calibrated within .030 tolerance for square and consistent cuts on production runs as well as allowing the operator to make longitudinal cuts as well. Variable speed rotation produces exceptionally clean and smooth cuts on all sizes and wall thickness of pipe. The BEC Burnoff Table’s hydraulic-actuated roller system provides for ease of positioning for initial cuts as well as repositioning pipe for subsequent cuts. This feature also makes the burnoff table an excellent fitup table for pipe and rounds. It can also be used as a weldout table in place of power rolls
  • Rotation wheels are furnished knurled for positive grip on slick or smooth surfaces.
  • Has torch rack mounted on eccentric cams for quick and sure adjustment.
  • Provided with height adjustable legs to facilitate leveling under any conditions.
  • Matching extensions are available to accommodate any length of pipe.
  • Has SCR rotational drive for consistent repetitive adjustments on various pipe sizes.
  • Ruggedly designed for years of maintenance free service.
  • Accommodates full 2 – 30” X 20/24 random length pipe.
  • Burnoff Table is also available in 4 – 42” size.
Options Available:
  • 20’ Entrance conveyor
  • Hydraulic power endo rolls
  • Hydraulic load-unload
  • Vertical power lift AC
  • Horizontal power travel SCR
  • Power endo rolls
  • Power endo
  • Power unload rack
  • Extension for base machine
  • Exit conveyor
  • Units can be built to accommodate pipe size & weight ranges as needed



Hold Down Tool

Hold downs 2

The BEC Model HDT-3 provides a simple and direct means of securing round loads to the BEC Pipe Rolls. This attachment provides stability and consistent slip free movement on eccentric loads.

The Hold Down Tool is the perfect companion for Power Rolls and Burnoff Table operations using BEC equipment. 




Hold downs

All wheels on the BEC Hold Down Tools are equipped with sealed needle bearings for long life under rigorous conditions. Wheels are available in steel, rubber and polyurethane.

Durango Linear Oscillator

DUrango Linear OscillatorThe Durango Linear Oscillator provides a smooth and consistenDurango Linear Oscillator 2t weld bead from root pass through cap pass. This is the ideal tool for automating your circumferential, straight seam and multi-pass overlay welding. This tireless alternative to manual welding can easily double or triple your production rate, reduce welder fatigue and produce consistent quality welds. The standard oscillator has adjustable right/left dwell, adjustable speed potentiometer and adjustable weave width with approximately 25 pounds torch holder capacity.
Used in conjunction with the BEC Manipulators and with matching crossfeed slide assemblies, this oscillator can semi-automate your MIG, TIG, and Sub-Arc welding shop or department.

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