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Table Top Rolls




BEC-PR-1 Table Top Power Turning RollsBEC PR 1 Top Power Turning Rolls

Weight Capacity

1,000 Lbs.

Turning Capacity

1,000 Lbs.


Friction drive with knurled steel drive roller against 6” diameter wheels w/2” width, 90 Durometer hard rubber for positive grip and longer roller life.


2-46 Surface inches per minute of travel

Tractive Pull

350 Lbs.

Power Requirements

115 v, 60 Hz, AC power, heavy duty foot switch w/guard

These are the perfect companion for all fitters and welders. At approximately 60 pounds for the power and 30 pounds for the idler, they are very portable and will accommodate 2” to 18” pipe sizes.Overload Discs


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