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BEC-WC-28   Welding Chuck

BEC-WC-28   Welding Chuck - 3 Jaw Self Centering - Each Jaw is reversible and attaches by means of Quickset Ball Lock Pin to each of 3 Machined Slide Rails. Our Welding Chuck has a Scroll Plate Machine Chuck at its center as opposed to the standard use of a screw actuated cam lever. Our chuck allows to use of mush more gripping force with out "slipover". We also provide replaceable End Plates which are bolted to each Jaw. These allow repeat welding to the part when lowed, for added safety against the part falling from the chuck due to the effects of thermal expansion and contraction.  These chucks have a standard holding capacity of 1 1/2" - 26" OD and 6" to 33" ID.

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